The Norris Family

When Catalina Norris was a child in Eastern Europe her small local library allowed only 15 people in at a time. She would wait outside in anticipation of finding a good book, but often was disappointed.

Today, she and her two girls, Abby (6) and Sophie (4) are regular visitors to Frisco Public Library and feel they have “found a home” within its walls. The Norris family moved to the Frisco area four years ago without family or friends. Catalina says without any connections in the area, the library became their anchor–a place to belong and connect with the community.

Abby, who is now in kindergarten, is reading leaps and bounds beyond her grade level, and her mom credits the library for her skill and love of books. Over the years, Catalina took full advantage of the library’s literacy resources, the expertise of staff and early literacy story times. Abby was reading her first words by age three, and Sophie is now following in her big sister’s footsteps.

Catalina is grateful her girls have unlimited access to the resources at Frisco Public Library, a stark contrast to her own childhood experience.


Andrew Carnegie once said, “A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.” Those words spoken over 100 years ago still are profoundly true today.

If you haven’t stepped inside Frisco Public Library recently, you might be surprised at the array of resources, services and programs available. Attend a computer skills class. Browse the new books shelf. Plan a trip using our “travel kits.” Attend a story time with your kids. Learn to check out library books on your eReader. And don’t forget to talk to the librarians. They are professionals who know how and where to dig up the information you seek.

We hope you come and rediscover a place that inspires intellect, curiosity and imagination. By the way, the Norris family tallied the number of books and DVDs they borrowed from Frisco Public Library in one month. Without access to a public library, their tab for 45 books and 5 DVDs would have been a whopping $500. Your public library is also the best deal in town!

IMG_3917 Jan Jackson
Library Assistant

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