African American History Month Activities for Kids

African American History Month has been celebrated throughout the month of February since the 1970s.  Frisco Public Library has a great many books that you can check out or download to a device that will give your child information about contributions of African Americans throughout history.

When one is asked about African American achievers, some of the names that instantly come to mind are Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Barack Obama.  There are many, many others that may not be on the tip of your tongue but have invented things that we probably take for granted in our everyday life.

Where would our children’s school lunches be without peanut butter???  This ubiquitous lunch staple is our go-to when we are packing our children’s lunches.   The inventor of peanut butter. . . . . George Washington Carver!!!  He was an agricultural scientist who devoted his life to agricultural products derived from the peanut and soybean.

A fun activity for you and your child to do at home would be to make homemade peanut butter.  Here’s a link to a simple recipe.


Another famous African American that most of us may not know has saved countless number of lives with his invention.  Garrett Morgan is probably most famous for his invention of the traffic light in 1923 when he noticed the high number of car accidents in cities across the nation.  Just think about how this contribution helps us in our daily lives.

Another fun activity for you and your child to do at home is make a traffic light.  Here is a link to several different projects (there’s even an edible one!)

So as the calendar changes from January to February, celebrate African American History Month by checking out a book (or two or three!) from our nonfiction collection.  Be it an inventor, a poet, a president, or an athlete, your search for information can start here at the Frisco Public Library!!

Here are some books to get you started:

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